Disclaimer & Conditions


When you make a booking with KiteActive ™ it means that you agree to the terms of KiteActive ™. It is therefore important that you have read these conditions before making the booking. Additionally KiteActive ™ assumes that you have read the travel information on the website.


Name: KiteActive.com ™
Adress: Tjalkstraat 10c
8937AP Leeuwarden
KVK: 01166167 0000
VAT: NL821463895B01
IBAN: NL57 RABO 0154 4653 21
Bank: Rabobank

Tel: +31 20 893 4182 (office NL)
Tel: +255 77 406 2222 (office Zanzibar)
e-mail: info@kiteactive.com
Internet: www.kiteactive.com


A cancellation must be reported by e-mail within three days after the reason of cancellation. Please note that  a cancellation is never without any charge. Only if you have an cancellation insurance with a valid reason, you are entitled to receive a (partial) refund of the fare. KiteActive ™ can take a cancellation only serious when it by mail and submitted by the party leader. A fellow traveler is not jointly and severally liable and therefore can not pass forward the cancellation. KiteActive is always trying to find an appropriate solution, but can not be held liable for cancellation.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 48 hours after your booking, you can cancel free (this is not the case if your departure is within 48 hours!!!)
  • After 48 hours, a deposit of at least 25% is required in order to confirm and guarantee your booking.
  • Until two weeks before departure the remaining amount must been paid. Two weeks for departure we use 100% cancellation fee and we can unfortunately don’t give any money back when you don’t have a cancellation insurance.


The moment you have given all the details and have agreed to the terms of KiteActive™, we see this as a definite booking. 48 hours after your booking we need at least a 25% deposit to secure and guarantee your booking. You can make a bank transfer to IBAN: NL57 RABO 0154 4653 21 on behalf of KiteActive with your Surname and booking code or destination name.


It is possible that photos of accommodation do not match due to many hotel rooms or accommodation places we have all over the world. KiteActive ™ can not be held for liability. Any errors in a brochure, route advertisement or other publication will be corrected on KiteActive ™ website, so you can always find the most current and accurate information.


KiteActive ™ needs your details to book a trip, request a brochure or join the newsletter. Your information will be handled with care by KiteActive ™. Your data will not be provided to third parties.


KiteActive ™ works with fluctuating prices, which are based on the basis of supply and demand. This may sometimes prevent the trip that you book later is offered cheaper or perhaps more expensive. Furthermore, we often work with last-minute and several special offers. This means that prices can fluctuate during the season and the current prices can be found on www.kiteactive.com or www.zanzibarkitesurf.com.


Flights and other parts of the journey, we are purely a mediated party. We will post these items separately on the invoice and also above the relevant conditions of this organization.


The person who books a trip is liable (also for all the others that he / she logs).


By making the booking declares the minor passenger to have receivedpermission from parents and / or guardians.


After the preparation of the bill can be up to 28 days before departure and one other change (if the desired change is still possible). Any change will be € 10, – alteration fee will be charged plus any change by the additional costs incurred.


Some tours require a minimum participation. Until a few days before leaving on this trip can still be canceled or rescheduled. Keep this in mind !!


1. In the house smoking is not permitted. Smoking is permitted only on the balcony, roof terrace and outside.
2. Bring and consumption of your own liquor is not permitted.
3. Guests are responsible for their own equipment and materials. Keep your stuff in your room and lock the door!
4. Do not bring strangers to the KiteActive Guesthouse.
5. Do not make any noise or other nuisance.
6. Damage to housing, furniture etc. must be paid by perpetrator (s).
7. KiteActive can’t be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of your belongings.
8. In the absence of your room it must be closed.
9. The gate should always be closed.
10. Water from the tap is not drinkable.
12. Turn by absence lights and fans off for an better environment.

– At night there is security, which also has a key of the gate (not the rooms).
– At night, the climbing over the wall is not a good idea due to wire
– Clean your own carbidge and don’t leave food on the tables.
– In the village you can buy a SIM card with credits to get online cheap!.
– When the power is off in the house call our manager because we need to charge it.
– The wifi password is: kite123
– Numbers in case of problems our manager Boaz Oketch: +255 77 406 2222


The deposit is 25% of the total amount of your booking. This amount must be paid immediately (48 hour) after booking. This is also not refundable. The balance must be received two weeks in prior to departure at your KiteActive ™ holiday. When you make a booking with an departure within two weeks, you have to transfer the entire amount at once.


The prices are different per room. If you book a single room or a double room the price will not be the same. You can check te prices at each room. Is also depends on occupancy and season.

If you booked a shared room it is possible that there will be someone else sleeping in your room during your stay (in separate beds of course). If you want more privacy you can book a single room or search a friend who wants to travel with you so you can share 1  room. We separate man and women rooms.


If KiteActive ™ has received the full payment, travel documents are ready about a week before departure and will be send by e-mail. Here you will find all the information of your trip. Would you like to receive your travel documents by mail, it will cost € 15, – additionally calculated shipping. You must check the data on the (airline) tickets and vouchers for accuracy. If something is not what you booked, then you should contact KiteActive as soon as possible.


It is forbidden to travel with an expired passport or identity card. In some countries, should your passport after returning home to be valid for a certain number of months. You need to figure this out myself. If you do not have Dutch nationality, you should always at the embassy of the country you want to travel back to determine whether you need a visa. Having the right travel documents, is always your own responsibility. Kite Active ™ can not be held liable.


We would like to point out that bookings you make on the internet are not refundable or regarding our cancelation policy.


The participant of this trip is at all times liable for all damage caused by the participant to materials belonging to the organization KiteActive ™ and damage caused to third parties. Also, the operator at all times be liable for damage caused to the premises or if any vegetation or furniture.


The participant has to know to participate in the (kite) packages is at your own risk. Participation done entirely at your own risk. The participant declares to agree with this statement at the time of booking and can not hold the organization for damages in any form and is caused by any reason whatsoever. Participation ( in kiteboarding) packages can only happen if the declaration is signed by each participant or agreed upon booking.


When misconduct or failure to follow instructions of the organization, the participant may be excluded from further participation in the (kite) packages without refund of the fare. Something is at the discretion of the organization.


Copyright 2011 KiteActive ™. Nothing on the website or brochure KiteActive ™ may be copied, reproduced and / or published by means printing, photocopying, microfilm or any means without the prior written consent of Kite Active ™.


Do you have complaints about the trip or are you not satisfied with the property, then you should report this immediately to the representation of KiteActive ™ on-site. Or contact our office so that action can be taken immediately. At home, it is often too late, so let us know in time.