Exotic & Tasty

Let you guide by your sense and discover Zanzibar with your taste. Our Chef from Paje is preparing everyday a variety of tasty dishes like fresh fish, Swahili food, burgers, salads etc…

To assure you with quality food, we work with local suppliers, most of our fruits and vegetables come from a farmer in the area, our Fisher man provides us with some fresh fish like King Fish, Red Snapper or Tuna.

Every morning you can enjoy a complete homemade breakfast, with toast, eggs, coffee, tea and some fresh fruits. The best way to start a good day!

The speciality of the guesthouse is the famous octopus curry from our chef Juma! You can’t leave the guesthouse without trying it! Also we organize lovely BBQs with fresh lobtster and all you can eat fresh from the sea!

If you wan’t you can book diner (full board) in advance during your stay for just € 6 per day. (of course you can also choose on location if you wan’t to join our diners, but please remind yourself that it will be a little bit more expensive then when you book it in advance!)

Relax & Drink

After a nice day at the beach you can relax on our many terraces with stunning views with a ice cold drink. If you wan’t you can grab a beer, soda or water from the fridge and put it on your account. At our guesthouse the local beer Kilimanjaro will always be ice cold and refreshing.

15000 TSH | Diner of the day
5000 TSH   | Kilimanjaro or Safari Beer (0.5 liter)
2500 TSH   | Fanta / Cola (light) / Sprite / Tonic / SODA
1500 TSH   | Bottle of water (1 liter)

You can enjoy your lovely diner or drink on our roof terrace! An amazing view on the African village or the Indian ocean will make you feel even better!